Overcoming Speech Challenges and Stigma

In life, we’re always looking for ways to improve on the skills we have, develop those we perceive to be lacking, and build on those that help us reach our ideal selves. Sometimes, though, we don’t know how to go about it, and need support and assistance from people who can guide us in the right direction, in the most effective and time-efficient manner. For adults who’ve experienced stuttering or some form of speech and communication challenge for most of their lives, the possibility that these issues can be resolved can sometimes seem unobtainable. Speech-Language Pathologists help with these challenges, as well as a range of communication skills and abilities to help adults realize their full potential as articulate and well-spoken individuals.

Our Speech Therapy Services

As with all therapies and treatments at All About Speech, our services begin with a comprehensive consultation and assessment to help determine what challenges you face and the practices that will help you overcome them.

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limited To…

Interpersonal and Couples’ Communication

One of the biggest challenges facing couples in a relationship is frustratingly simple: communication. Numerous studies show that body language and other forms of non-verbal communication, such as facial expression, tone of voice, and use of gestures, make up more than 80% of communication. Although the words that we use to convey our thoughts communicate, it is the non-verbal that influences our message.

Breakdowns can easily occur due to differences in perception and understanding, either individually or within an interaction. It is only when we are fully aware of our own individual communication style and how we perceive and communicate with others can we learn to understand another person’s perspective and messages. Couples’ therapy allows you to become aware of these unspoken cues to help you create a healthier pattern of communication with your loved ones.

Professional Communication

Do you feel anxious or nervous at the idea of sharing your thoughts at a work meeting? Do you ever feel frustrated with how you sound when giving a presentation? You’re not alone! Many people feel uncomfortable with their voice and how they present themselves professionally. All About Speech can help you develop and refine your social skills and effective use of language in the workplace. It all starts with communicating and expressing yourself.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

All About Speech provides treatment for adult communication challenges and disorders. We start with personalized consultations and assessments to help you determine the most effective therapies and techniques to help you succeed.