Helping Kids Succeed and Grow

Being a kid is quite a challenging adventure! You’re starting to learn how to express yourself and communicate, and for all that you succeed at, there’s always more to discover and further challenges to overcome. Now imagine being a child and having a communication disorder. Suddenly, those challenges are amplified and increased. As parents, we want our children to succeed and to discover their full potential. Our services for children help kids overcome these challenges, leaving them feeling empowered, happy, and confident.

Common Speech and Language Development Challenges

Some young toddlers have difficulty learning to understand and/or use their first words. They can become frustrated with the inability to express their thoughts and needs.  Some children have difficulty learning to pronounce the words they’ve learned creating issues with the clarity of their speech. Speech and language delays/impairments can impact on their social communication, education, and early literacy development

Working with a speech-language pathologist gives parents and children alike the tools they need to achieve success. Early identification and early intervention are capable of dramatically improving a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and communication development. Our services provide a holistic approach to child communication disorders, addressing the bigger picture and providing families with ways to incorporate and integrate lessons and techniques into home life to ensure ongoing success and generalization.

Simply put, we want to help children bloom!

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limited To…

Resolve or Reduce Dysfluent Speech and Supporting Speech Development

Stuttering, the colloquial term for an above-average rate of dysfluent speech, is an issue some children face. They can become frustrated as they struggle to continue with the flow of speech. Some parents can feel very unsure as to how to help their child overcome this issue. Thankfully, there are a range of treatments and techniques that can help children overcome this frustrating issue. All About Speech offers a variety of services to help improve speech fluency.

Autism Spectrum Communication

Children on the autistic spectrum frequently experience challenges related to communication. They see, perceive, and experience the world very differently than other people. Nonverbal children often require exposure to other methods and means of communication, such as sign language, augmentative communication, and visual aids to support their development. Speech-language pathology can help parents and children effectively integrate these approaches to communication.

By providing children with the tools they need to better understand the ins and outs of language, speech-language pathologists help children on the spectrum find ways to express themselves and understand social communication.

Giving children a way to communicate helps improve their quality of life. We work closely with these children, their family, school, and other professionals to help them grow and blossom into creative, expressive, and social individuals.

All About Speech offers a parent workshop aimed at helping parents of children on the autism spectrum learn strategies and skills to improve and maintain the social interactions and language modelling with their child.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

All About Speech takes a holistic, evidence-based approaches to provide treatment for child speech and language issues. We can answer your questions and determine your needs with a phone consultation and schedule a visit to assess your child and determine the best goals and plan of action that will allow your child to achieve success.