Helping Professionals and Parents
Develop Skills to Support Ongoing Success

All About Speech is all about empowering people to succeed. Our primary focus is always on how we can positively impact and improve someone’s life, whether through directly through our services or indirectly by training and educating parents and childcare providers.

Our training and education services give you the tools and knowledge needed to not only support ongoing speech and communication success, but to continue to build a base for long-term success and development. Speech-Language Pathologist Melanie Lapensée works with you to provide insight and understanding of a broad range of techniques and approaches.

Training for Parents

Training for parents of children with speech and communication disorders focuses on providing you with the tools needed to support your child’s continuing development and success. Our training includes home consultations to focus on ways you can integrate SLP techniques into daily routines and activities to help empower both you and your child.


Training for Childcare Providers

The growing diversity of young children we serve can sometimes create challenges in being able to respond and adapt programs to their personality and interaction style as well as their language development level. Research shows that more and more children demonstrating challenges with integration and communication skills are entering preschools and daycares. While parents can provide support at home, daycare providers and teachers can further support children in their care to allow them to expand on their ability to provide an enriched, interactive language environment. Through daily routines, play, and conversation, they can foster language development, emergent literacy, and peer interaction. Our training services for childcare providers emphasizes evidence-based approaches that support ongoing success.


Autism Spectrum Training

Parents of children who have autism or who are on the autistic spectrum can sometimes feel concerned and frustrated that they can’t do more for their little ones. Services are not always immediately accessible to help their child. At All About Speech, we provide you with the tools, information, and knowledge needed to act immediately to positively impact the quality of their child’s social and language development while waiting for other interventions. Addressing the unique social communication needs of these children can help them reach their communication potential. Our training services focus on empowering these parents to incorporate strategies and methods to help their child interact in a more meaningful way with others.